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Zinc Flake Coating in Chennai

Located at Ambattur, Chennai, Tamilnadu, we NG Coaters are engaged in Providing Solutions to Corrosion Wear and Lubrication. Our products keep the equipment and machinery in optimum working conditions. Moreover, these also enhances working life, productivity and profitability along with decreasing maintenance costs and downtime.

Our quality controllers conducts rigorous quality testing on well defined quality parameters to ensure a flawless product range at clients end. We also offer our products at industry leading prices without compromising on quality. Our quality centric, client oriented, transparent and flexible business approach has made us capable of catering to industry segments.

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Zinc Flake Coating Used

Zinc flake coatings are applied to a variety of parts and system components used in a diverse set of industrial applications, including: For automotive industry: Automotive sub-frames, chassis assemblies, fasteners, and springs. For MEP industry: Construction building components.

A zinc flake coating is a modular system consisting of a basecoat and a topcoat. The individual components can be combined to precisely satisfy characteristic requirements specific coefficient of friction, chemical resistances etc.


Zinc-flake coatings are resistant to extreme temperature variations and can be modified with variable coefficient of friction characteristics for established torque requirements. They are not susceptible to warm-loosening torque and are resistant to both acidic and basic chemicals. Zinc-flake coatings also conduct electricity well if that is a required feature. Lastly, depending on the pre-treatment used, they do not introduce hydrogen like standard plating does.


There are a few main players that specialize in the production of solvent-based zinc-flake coatings. In the United States, if a zinc-flake coating is called out on a part print, the majority of time either a coating system is an approved coating choice.

Zinc flake coating is a coating of zinc and aluminum flakes that is applied to protect against corrosion.
The zinc flake coating protects the underlying metal from environmental influences. Zinc flake coating is applied with state-of-the-art coating techniques, such as dip-spin, rack dip-spin or fully automated spray processes.

Zinc flake coatings are applied using state-of-the-art dip-spin, dip coating or fully automated wet coating processes. As license holder of the leading suppliers, It’s a NG Coaters can offer these processes at its global facilities.

Fields of use of zinc flake coating:

It is used primarily in the automotive industry and wherever excellent corrosion protection combined with other functional and decorative properties is paramount. NG Coaters fulfills the entire set of specifications of the international automobile manufacturers.

  • Fastening elements
  • Brake components
  • Chassis components
  • Springs
  • Threaded parts
  • Punched parts

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