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Dip Spin Coating in Chennai

Located at Ambattur, Chennai, Tamilnadu, we NG Coaters are engaged in Providing Solutions to Corrosion Wear and Lubrication. Our products keep the equipment and machinery in optimum working conditions. Moreover, these also enhances working life, productivity and profitability along with decreasing maintenance costs and downtime.

Our quality controllers conducts rigorous quality testing on well defined quality parameters to ensure a flawless product range at clients end. We also offer our products at industry leading prices without compromising on quality. Our quality centric, client oriented, transparent and flexible business approach has made us capable of catering to industry segments.

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Dip Spin Coating in Chennai: The Best Way to Protect Your NG Coaters

Dip-spin coating technology is compatible with all major coating types used in fastener finishing. Think of coatings that combine high resistance to chemical and galvanic/bi-metallic corrosion with UV stability as well as anti-galling properties and/or anti-vibration characteristics. Most dip-spin coatings are also compatible with sealants, adhesives and locking patches that are dry to the touch when cured.

Dip-spin coating is a superior anti-corrosion coating and protection process for many applications. This is especially true for small parts with hard-to-reach areas that require exacting specifications for density, corrosion resistance, dry lube, and torque tension. For many applications—such as nuts, bolts, screws, fasteners, clip, and small hardware dip-spin is not only the most precise coating solution, it’s also the most economical.

The Surprising Benefits of Dip Spin Coating in Chennai

The dip-spin coating process consists of cleaning, application, and curing. The parts are first cleaned and then pretreated to remove oxides. Once the pretreatment dries, we place them in the wire mesh basket and then submerge in the coating solution.

Dip Spin is method of applying a thin coating on small parts using centrifugal force to control film thicknesses. The force generated by the high rate of basket speed allows for consistent, even coating in a short period of time. As the spinning process ends the basket begins to slow and is removed from the rotating chamber while still in motion. This allows for the paint or coating to safely drain from the parts and basket.

Zinc flake coatings are applied using state-of-the-art dip-spin, dip coating or fully automated wet coating processes. As license holder of the leading suppliers, It’s a NG Coaters can offer these processes at its global facilities.

The Advantages of Using Dip-Spin Coating

Dip spin coating systems serve for the coating of mass goods in an efficient way, which are dipped in liquid coating materials either in baskets or racks depending on the range of parts.

Dip-spin coating has a number of benefits for your products:

  • Economical method for bulk processing small parts such as fasteners, nuts, bolts, stampings, and springs.
  • Repeatable when even coverage is required, like for threaded parts.
  • Well-suited for high-production coating.
  • Transfer efficiency is high, normally 98% or more.
  • We can efficiently combine multiple combinations of coatings.

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