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Electroplating in Chennai

Electroplating in Chennai is one of the leading businesses Located at Ambattur, Chennai, Tamilnadu, we NG Coaters are engaged in Providing Solutions to Corrosion Wear and Lubrication. Our products keep the equipment and machinery in optimum working conditions. Moreover, these also enhances working life, productivity and profitability along with decreasing maintenance costs and downtime.

Our quality controllers conducts rigorous quality testing on well defined quality parameters to ensure a flawless product range at clients end. We also offer our products at industry leading prices without compromising on quality. Our quality centric, client oriented, transparent and flexible business approach has made us capable of catering to industry segments.

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The Benefits of Electroplating in Chennai

Electroplating is a process used to coat a conductive part with a thin layer of metallic material in order to provide different chemical, physical, and mechanical characteristics to a part that it would otherwise be unable to exhibit. An example of some properties that can be bestowed upon a part through metal plating would be such things as abrasion and wear resistance, lubricity, corrosion protection, and aesthetic qualities.

The Importance of Electroplating in Chennai

Electroplating works when submerging one or more pieces of metal into a solution that has ions of another metal-type dissolving in it. An electric current runs through both the plating project and the plating solution. The resulting electric charge causes ions of the plating solution to adhere to the open surface areas of the metal piece.

Chennai Top Electroplating Services

Electroplating is conducted in an electrolytic cell. The metal to be electroplated is connected to the cathode. The electrolyte consists of the salt solution of metal with which electroplating has to be done. The electrolyte ionizes to give positively charged ions (metal ions) which move towards the anode for electroplating the desired object.

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The process of electroplating creates very harmful waste products. There wastes can majorly affect the environment and become one of the main causes of pollution. This hazard can be avoided by following proper waste management guidelines during the electroplating process.

  • To understand the process of electroplating, let us take an example of electroplating iron objects with copper.
  • Here, the iron object on which electroplating takes place is made the cathode (negative terminal).
  • The copper metal which is going to be plated as a layer on the iron object is made the anode (positive terminal).
  • The copper sulphate solution is taken as electrolyte.

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Electroplating is a very useful process in coating thin metal layers on different metals and other objects. This is done to,

  • Give a shiny look on the objects, by changing its appearance.
  • To avoid corrosion of the objects.
  • To make the objects scratch resistant.
  • To avoid spoiling of more reactive metals by coating less reactive metal on more reactive metals.
  • To manufacture ornaments by coating costlier silver and gold coatings on less expensive metals.

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